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Lighthouse Sheds: Sheds Shaped Like Lighthouses!

These are real sheds that can be used for storage, or to beautify your land. Your lighthouse can also be used:

  • As a charming bus stop or playhouse for your kids.

  • To help first-time visitors, deliverymen, or emergency personnel spot your home or business.

  • To obtain a magnificent view of the surrounding area by climbing inside to the top.

  • To put a smile on the face of passersby. Many of them will wave, and some will stop to introduce themselves and get a better look.

  • To reduce the average speed of passing vehicles because drivers often slow to see the lighthouse. Slower traffic reduces road noise and increases safety. Thus, having a lighthouse shed visible from the road is a gentle way to achieve these objectives.

  • To view your property on the Internet by putting a web cam in the top section. The web cam can be used for security, or just to keep an eye on what's happening at home.

  • As a doghouse, or a high place for your cats to perch.

  • To improve business. People are drawn to lighthouses, so having one near the road will make them notice your company. Otherwise, drivers often obliviously pass by. People are certain to mention the lighthouse to others, and some of them will come to see it. Once they arrive, some will become customers then or in the future.

Our lighthouses are also available in lower-cost non-shed versions that cannot be entered, so they are decorative only.

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Lighthouse shed

Front of the lighthouse shed. Its domed roof is capped with a copper finial, which soars to about 19 feet above the ground.

The lighthouse shed's exterior is primarily curved (conical, cylindrical, or hemispherical), but includes a few dodecagon (12-sided polygon) elements as contrasting accents.


NOTE: This is the best picture of the lighthouse shed, but also the largest (357K), so if you click the thumbnail image to see the larger version, it may take several seconds to load.


Lighthouse shed and landscaping

Distant view of the right side of the lighthouse shed.

Lighthouse shed approach from the right side

Approaching the lighthouse shed from the right rear.

Lighthouse shed rear

Rear view of the lighthouse shed.


Lighthouse shed rear view

Another rear view of the lighthouse shed before completion of the landscaping.


Lighthouse shed right side

Right side of the lighthouse shed.


Lighthouse shed top

In addition to its inclusion for aesthetic reasons, the huge window area also serves as a large skylight to brighten the shed's interior. We can optionally include windows on the main level base section, or in the door.

Lighthouse shed ceiling vent (one of six)

This is one of the six ceiling vents that were molded for this shed. If you look at the above image (especially if you click on it to obtain a larger picture), you will see the ceiling vents in place. These vents allow warm air to enter the dome, and then exit through the gable vent. This helps to keep the shed cooler in the summer.


Lighthouse shed door and top section nearing completion

This shows the lighthouse shed door and top section nearing completion.


Lighthouse shed - view out the front door

A view from inside the shed looking out its doorway.

Lighthouse shed door

The lighthouse shed's door, which was built board-by-board from scratch. We gave it a curved top for an enchanting effect.


Lighthouse shed entryway

View of the lighthouse shed with the door open, showing the captivating entryway. Note the complex geometry where the rectilinear structures meet those of the conical base section.


The lighthouse shed in the wintertime. The lighthouse shed in the wintertime. Note that the finial is moderately oxidized. As it continues to weather, it will take on a beautiful light green patina. The original shiny finish of the copper finial can be preserved by applying a protective coating before installation.
Work in progress on the landscaping around the lighthouse shed. This picture shows work in progress on the landscaping around the lighthouse shed.
Lighthouse on shore The lighthouse shed on a beach.
How strong is the lighthouse shed? See what the Tornado of 2006 did to it.
Front view of my Alpine shed that includes a second story as a fun office or a place to read a good book, drink coffee, or simply to put your feet up and think. The four large windows provide plenty of natural illumination.
Oblique view of the Alpine shed. I am currently installing a custom hardwood floor in it, using local maple trees. In the center of the floor will be a custom inlay of a rooster, using a variety of colorful wood species from around the world.
Rear view of the Alpine shed.
Schoolhouse shed My schoolhouse shed—so named because it looks like an old-fashioned schoolhouse. It features a large cupola (or small second story, depending on your point of view) with a gorgeous custom hardwood floor and six windows that provide a spectacular view of the surrounding area. The shed is perched atop a hill, so the relative elevation in the cupola is amazing. The main floor includes two large picture windows and a round window in the door.
Schoolhouse shed - front Front view of the schoolhouse shed.