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The lighthouse shed pictured in this site is for sale so I can donate the money, but I have no time to build others or tutor you in how to do it (I don't sell plans).

Unless you have built a structure that is primarily curved (conical, cylindrical, or hemispherical), you probably have no conception of how difficult and time-consuming it is to make one. To do it with precision and an uncompromising attention to detail is even more challenging. An average professional builder could not build a lighthouse shed like mine, nor would he even try. The math skills required to build a typical rectilinear "box" home are straightforward, but the math skills required to build a structure with intersecting conical, cylindrical, and hemispherical sections is substantially more formidable. I had years of math in college as part of my pre-med curriculum, and even more math in medical school, yet none of that prepared me for building the lighthouse shed. I spent weeks searching thousands of math sites to find the equations I needed. Perhaps that dedication to "doing things right" is why my lighthouse shed sustained no damage from a tornado strong enough up uproot and snap adjacent trees almost 3 feet in diameter.